When I woke up this morning, I hoped I would feel better. Unfortunately, I feel just as yucky as yesterday. Today, I feel sluggish, sleepy, bogged down my congestion and drainage in my throat, and tired. Course of action? Work a normal day and then rest. Usually, in the afternoons, I work on house-y projects and errands, but today, I’m resting. Since we are leaving on vacation, I want to get over this little sinus hiccup before our departure on Saturday.

Surprisingly, working from home has changed my view of being sick. I am not really super sick or anything, but I don’t feel well. However, I’m not “staying out from work” like I would need to as a teacher. Since sitting in a chair in a fluffy house robe and slippers is pretty darn comfortable, I feel like I’m still resting even though I’m working.

I’ve already gotten my 2,000 words written on my current manuscript and am feeling generally productive. 🙂 This post will be extremely short today, but as aforementioned, I’m sick. 🙂


A very happy Wednesday to you all,


The Writer

Still Feeling Icky…

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