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If you’re looking for a science-fiction novella with hints of the paranormal, fantastic, and romantic, then you are in luck! The Dark Ship contains all of these elements and more! A few days ago, I gave you a teaser with the first part. If you loved it and are craving more, here you are:


Lyra has always felt too plain and uninteresting to be a part of her parents’ social sphere, the upper class of Juneau One. Now, they expect her to act like a proper lady at one of the moon’s most prestigious girls’ schools: St. Xavier’s. On the voyage to the dreaded school, Lyra discovers an enchanted mirror in the lower decks of the ship. Whenever she looks at it, her reflection appears beautiful, mysterious, and otherworldly. Something about the glass draws her in; time, thought, and emotion fly past when she gazes into its depths. Could there be something dangerous about this simple golden mirror? Does some sinister force lurk within, drawing her into its clutches? Find out in this thrilling novella by L.M. Sherwin! This is a paranormal, sci-fi, romance novella. It falls within L.M. Sherwin’s Primoris System Universe. Approximate word count: 37,000 words.

You can find it for sale RIGHT NOW on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble!

Its print release will be available in late March or early April.

If you like the story, I truly hope you’ll consider leaving a review on the purchasing sites, Goodreads, and anywhere else you feel inclined. Thank you, wonderful readers! I hope you enjoy!

The Dark Ship // A Sci-Fi, Paranormal Novella
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