Copyright © 2013 L.M. Sherwin
Copyright © 2013 L.M. Sherwin

Lyra has always felt too plain and uninteresting to be a part of her parents’ elite social sphere. Now they expect her to act like a proper lady at one of the most prestigious girls’ schools on Juneau One: St. Xavier’s. On a voyage meant to transport her to the impending doom, Lyra discovers an enchanted mirror in the lower decks of the ship. Whenever she looks at it, her reflection appears beautiful, mysterious, and otherworldly  Something about the glass draws her in…Time, thought, and emotion fly past when she gazes into its heart. Could there be something dangerous about this simple, golden mirror? Does some sinister force lurk within its depths, drawing her into its clutches? Find out in this Wattpad exclusive by L.M. Sherwin!


In my first year of serious writing (where I wrote at least an hour every day), I wrote four manuscripts. The Dark Ship was one of them. It was so vastly different from the Tales from Niflheim series that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to publish it. However, since it falls within my Primoris System universe, I decided to try it out in serialized form on Wattpad to see if folks like it! Currently, Wattpad is the only place you can find The Dark Ship. If enough people enjoy it, I may polish it up all beautifully and publish it in other places. Feel free to vote, comment, and provide feedback if you like it! I’m really starting to like the idea of distributing it in other places, but I’ll certainly wait until the entire novella is on Wattpad before deciding.

The Dark Ship is a story I began writing after a pretty intense dream I had one night. The dream took place on a ship with an enchanted, portal-like mirror. There were impossible beings in the dream and I was intrigued by the entire “story” in my head. I immediately wrote it down the next morning so that I wouldn’t forget all the events and characters. It ended up being a 30,000+ word novella and it was the first successful short story draft I had ever written at the time (I have a hard time with short stories…)

It falls within the science-fiction and paranormal categories with a spattering of romance and fantasy thrown in. Lyra’s story takes place on Juneau One, a moon that orbits the planet Kirovna in my Primoris System. I’ll be updating my pages soon with information about Tales from Kirovna and its moons. For now, I hope you enjoy the serial! Currently, the first part of Chapter 1 is up on Wattpad. I have plans to release the latter part of Chapter 1 this week or early next week.

I hope you’ll stop by and check it out, provide feedback, and vote!

Happy Tuesday!



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The Dark Ship: A Serialized Sci-Fi/Paranormal Novella
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