TQTC_FINALRGBThe Queen’s Twelfth Consort

The Koryan Chronicles // Book One


When Han invaders overtake his palace home, the last thing Prince Armstad of Aldiin wants to do is flee the battle to protect himself. Unfortunately, that is exactly what his father, King Amsor, has ordered him to do. In an escape that leaves him wounded and without protection, Armstad rushes into the desert that separates his country from the northern kingdom of Ambul. The Queen of Ambul promises to keep him safe, but her protection is unlike any Armstad expected. As the entire continent is pulled into war with the power-hungry Hans, all Armstad can think about is managing his new life with Queen Eri Sun…and staying alive.

The Queen’s Twelfth Consort is appropriate for young adult and adult readers. It is approximately 79,000 words.

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