The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here! The sequel to my first book Night Bells is now available in eBook for the Kindle and Nook! It’s called Silent Shades and if you enjoyed the first book, you’re sure to love the second! This is the second installment in my Tales from Niflheim series.

Here’s the flashy cover art! 


Frigg is a hired killer—a mercenary who belongs to a group of elite assassins ruled by a fierce commander. After completing a contract that leaves her close to death, Frigg is rescued by a surgeon and taken to his cabin to recover. When she is well enough, Frigg escapes and returns to her life as an assassin. Frigg receives a new contract from her commander and travels to New Kristiansand to murder Lord Maslyn, the mayor of the city. Upon arriving, she discovers more about her mark than she ever anticipated. Can Frigg put aside her personal feelings in order to complete her contract, or will she abandon her vocation to protect the person she was sent to kill?

You can purchase Silent Shades here and here. Want to read a sample before you go for a purchase? Check out the first chapter here! Check out the book information page here.


I hope to get the print version out by early December! Thank you to all my readers who first took a chance on me with Night Bells. I’ve been so happy to receive your reviews and constructive tidbits! You guys are amazing. I hope you enjoy Silent Shades just as much as the first book or more! Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. After you’ve eaten all the turkey in the world, sit down, relax, and read a good book. 😉

Blessings and Happy Holidays,

The sequel to Night Bells is now AVAILABLE!
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