As you may have read from my weekend posts, I had two whole days of blissful on-the-couch (or comfy chair) reading! It was fantastic. It had been so long since I just sat down and devoured one book after the other. My reading list for July has exploded! When I get into a certain subject or topic, I tend to stick with it for a little while. Now that the weekend has passed, I can see how much fun it was to have a themed-book weekend. For this one, I focused on paranormal fiction. Some of you may scoff at such a thing, but I really enjoy vampire//werewolf stuff as an occasional indulgence–though I maintain that I loved these things before they became the “big deal”. I was a HUGE Anne Rice fan back in high school.

Now was it the most dense and life-changing fiction ever? No. But it sure was super fun to read while relaxing in my pajamas! Over the course of the weekend, I read 5 novellas and two novels. I don’t normally go for the novella thing (since I, myself, have a very hard time writing them!), but I decided to give them a shot and I really enjoyed how the author was able to create a whole and complete story in such a short word count.

My advice is, if you do a themed weekend, maybe check out shorter novels//novellas that you can read straight through in one sitting. It is super fun to have come to the end of the weekend and realize how much you actually read! As well, pick your theme, your books, and then chalk off an entire weekend for your themed-book weekend! You’d be surprised how much it helps you to feel rejuvenated and contented!

Happy Reading!

Themed-Book Weekends
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