I just had a GREAT morning writing session! It was one of those where you say to yourself, “Oh, no! Don’t stop!” But life must continue and I have to get my Maiedae work done and more editing done on the novel I’m prepping for publishing in the fall. Perhaps if I get it all done, I’ll creep back into my current manuscript this afternoon.

I love days like this. Things were really clicking in my writing and stuff was HAPPENING! I am a very long-winded writer and usually have to cut lots of useless scenes from my novels. Today, though, I wrote scenes that are irreplaceable and are definitely going to stay in the final version. That makes me excited. I know most of us have to cut anywhere from a third to half of what we write, but it is always thrilling when you’ve written something in your first draft and can say to yourself, “Yep. That one’s here to stay, no matter what.”

What are you guys up to? Anyone writing manuscripts right now? Prepping manuscripts for publishing? I’d love to hear what sorts of things you guys are working on. 

Have a happy Wednesday! Keep on writing!





Things are Clicking…
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