Happy Tuesday, everyone! Halloween is only a day away! SO excited! The Philosopher and I have been doing a lot of traveling lately, which has slightly set back my writing schedules a bit, but it has helped my mind to relax and unwind tremendously. This previous weekend, my husband and I went to visit friends down in south Georgia. We spent lots of time relaxing, eating, talking, and exploring fun sites!

Can anyone guess by the pics above where we went? I’ll give you a hint…it’s REALLY awesome and has an amazing River Street. Mayhaps Paula Deen likes to make her home nearby…

Yep, okay, Jig’s up. We went to Savannah, GA, on Saturday and had a really fun time walking around in the blustery weather. I’ve visited Savannah many, many times. It is famous not only for its pralines and movie cameos, but its writing. Ever heard of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? It is a non-fiction story written by John Berendt. It concerns events that occurred in Savannah during the 1980s. I’ll not rehash the Wikipedia article about the book (which you can read here). I’ve not read the book, but it has been on my to-read list ever since I saw its enchanting cover as a child. I was assured by my parents that it was not a child-appropriate book (which it is NOT) LOL.

As well, there is a book called Savannah Spectres and Other Strange Tales by Margaret Wayt Debolt which records the many eccentric and wild ghost stories about the southern Georgia city. As a young girl scout making her pilgrimage to Juliet Gordon Low’s birthplace, I often browsed through this book in gift shops and other establishments about the Savannah squares. Finally on one of my last girl scout trips, I purchased it. If you love ghost stories and southern charm, this is a great collection of short stories to devour.

Savannah is one of my favorite cities on earth. It has so much rich history, intrigue, and architectural glory. The husband counterpart of the couple we visited is an architect, so it was really fun walking around and hearing about the technical aspects of the various facades and buildings we saw.

Ahhhh…it was a terrific weekend. The Philosopher could not stop talking about how much it felt like a rejuvenating vacation. I quite agree. October and parts of September have been a bit stressful, so it was WONDERFUL to get away, spend time with friends and each other. My mind felt really rested and ready to get back into my writing!

Happy Tuesday, again. Stay tuned for my collection of craft projects from yesterday! I didn’t quite get everything done yet (and one project may be abandoned…), but it’s almost there!

Travelin’ Tales
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