I posted a fun Mister Rogers video on here the other day. Someone I know in “real life” saw it and yesterday, I went to my front door to go outside and check the mail. What did I find on my doorstep? A book wrapped in pretty pink paper. I bent down to grab it and opened it as I walked to my mailbox. Inside was a book entitled: The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember by Fred Rogers. Needless to say, I was very excited! It was my great-aunt who had given it to me. She lives about ten minutes from my house and she likes to leave little treasures on my doorstep.

One day, a gorgeous vintage doll house was left on my doorstep with a book inside. There was no note and I had not received a phone call from anyone, so the Philosopher and I searched all around our neighborhood for someone who might be expecting a doll house. As my husband and I don’t have any little ones yet, we thought this a little odd. Turns out, my great-aunt had left it for me to take to my grandmother (who lives about forty-five minutes away, near my parents.) It was for a baby cousin of mine. Both my grandmother and great-aunt thought that the other one would call and tell me about it (haha).

The strangest thing I’ve received on my doorstep was a bag of maternity clothes. I was not expecting a baby at that time (or any time yet in my life), but it was there, nonetheless, with no note or anything. Thinking it exceedingly strange, I pulled it into the house and began making the rounds with the neighbors and phone calls. Nope. This one wasn’t from the great-aunt, either (thank goodness!) A few weeks went by. One day, my front doorbell rang and I went to answer it. It was my next door neighbor.

She said, “You didn’t happen to receive a bag of maternity clothes on your doorstep a while back, did you?”

I replied, “I did!”

She laughed and told me someone had dropped them off so that she could take them to a friend, but had put them on the wrong doorstep. I gratefully gave her the clothes and it became a funny story to remember.

I do, of course, receive normal treasures on my doorstep: things like UPS packages and other mail too large to fit in the mailbox. I’ll always remember, though, the funny and strange treasures that are sometimes marooned on the doormat. Have any of you ever received anything odd at your front door? Share, share, share!

Have a blessed Saturday!


Treasures on the Doorstep
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