I’m a big Pinterest fan. If you don’t have an account, I *highly* recommend you get over there and create one posthaste. Pinterest is useful for all sorts of things, but it is especially useful when you’re trying to gain inspiration for something particular (like room decor, outfits…or setting). Even if you are writing a story that takes place in a wonky country on a distant planet, it is helpful to “see” examples of spectacular scenery, architecture, and cultural textiles. These pinned inspirations can help you to increase your description skills while painting a scene for your readers.

So? Let’s do an example and go pinning, shall we? Let’s say we wanted to create a mountainous village full of downcast, but vibrant people. Got that initial image? Let’s find some pictures that can help us to visualize our village:

Alright, so you’re getting the idea of a mountainous village with narrow, uneven streets and diversity of color and vegetation with many “traditional” people wandering around. Start putting stories to these people and to the streets on which they walk. Where is this village? Which mountain? Is it secluded? Is it a heavy center of trade in its region? Take these images (and the others you might find) and build a world for yourself with a piece here and a tidbit there…Let your imagination run wild with inspiration taken from OUR world!

Do you use Pinterest for your writing endeavors? If so, what do you like to pin? Does Pinterest help you with description? 

Using Pinterest for Inspiration When Creating Settings
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