Happy Summer Garland//Bunting!! I was feeling all Pinterest-inspired the other day and decided to make a little bunting to string across one of my living room windows. Doesn’t it look happy? You know it does. Creative Cross Training at its best. 🙂

Favorite Blog of the Week

>>Dancing with Dragons is Hard on your Shoes—LOVE this blog. It is run by author Miriam Forster and it is a delightful read! Her newest book, City of a Thousand Dolls, will be available soon. This post describes the travels of her ARC copies as they explore her house. Enjoy!

Favorite Posts and Articles of the Week

>>Enchanting Music–Guest post by J.L. Bryan on Amanda Hocking’s blog! I thoroughly enjoyed this humorous but thoughtful post.

>>Writing From the Discomfort Zone–A Delightful post by Jeanne Kisacky on Writer Unboxed! I think she may have something very profound here. 🙂

>>Twenty-Three Fiction Writing Ideas–WOW. A truly helpful list of 23 things you can do to jazz up your WIP if you are getting stuck.

>>Plots are for Corpses: Pantser Survival Tips–An amusing, but relevant, look at the writers who label themselves as “Pantsers”.

Currently Reading

>>Small Gods by Terry Pratchett– been taking a bit of a break from this one, but it is STILL awesome.

>>Life Cycle by Zoe Winters

Currently Writing

>>The third novel in my Tales from Niflheim series! Editing the first two right now.

Random Non-Writing-Related Link of the Week

>>Coffee With Jesus: Olympic Spirit

I hope you enjoyed this Wednesday’s Wanderment! I am totally changing up my routine today, but that’s alright. I started with blogging, then I’ll move on to my writing, editing, and Maiedae work!

Enjoy midweek festivities!

Wednesday Wanderment
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