IMG_3534 Why, yes, this is a horse head door knocker named “Ponay”. You’re welcome. I spotted this little eccentricity on my recent family vacation. I just had to take several pictures of it, of course. Isn’t he great?

But I digress. I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting as much as I used to, but this week, I’ve just been feeling so darned inspired by everything that I can’t help but post as often as I can! (Keep in mind that I now keep up with 3 blogs…so an A for effort should really be noted…)

I know it’s been quite a while since our regular Wednesday Wanderment. I’ve missed it a great deal, myself. However, in the interest of time management, WW is getting a makeover. It’ll be a bit shorter with a few different aspects thrown in. Ready? Let’s get it started (in heeeeeere!)

Stumbled Upon Posts of Special Significance

>> 5 Myths About Marketing // Help With Publishing — An interesting read that had some really good points.

>> NPR’s Top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books // List Challenges — How do you measure up? I’m ashamed to say I’ve only read…seven…Don’t jate (judge/hate). I’m working on the rest!

>> A Full-Time Indie Author Answers Your Questions Pt.1 // Lindsay Buroker — I know it’s like some unwritten law that I have to showcase a Lindsay Buroker link in my WW, but this one is SUPER awesome.

>> Loss of Character // Kendra C. Highley — Great post about ‘killing your darlings’!

Ambling and Rambling

Most Active Social Media This Week: Twitter

Most Read Facebook Post

2013 Reading Challenge Check-Up

24/36 — 67% — I’m gettin’ on up there! WOOHOO!






Currently Reading

>> Forged in Blood II by Lindsay Buroker

>> Love & War by John and Stasi Eldredge

>> and others…

Currently Writing

>> Working on finishing up my Tales from Niflheim Trilogy with the final book! I’m still in the first draft stage, but I would love to have it out by the end of the year. 🙂

Random Cuteness


LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!! Source — Cute Overload (click the image)

What’s New?

I’ve started a ‘just-for-fun’ webcomic called The Dusk Mother that can be (currently) found on my deviantART account. I may eventually have a separate blog for that, but for now, it’s hanging out in its own gallery. Check it out. I’d love your feedback. It currently only has 1 page, but I’m working on the second one right now and am hoping to get it out by the end of the week.

Favorite Zeldabsession Pin From This Week


Thanks for stopping by! I love comments. They put stars in my eyes. I also love followers. See those social media icons up at the top right? Use ’em. They’re your friend. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday Wanderment
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