Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, all! Thus marks one of my favorite times of year! With Thanksgiving comes the first tidings of the Advent and Christmas seasons. It is a time for family, friends, rest, and wonder. I am so excited to do a special “Thanksgiving” themed Wednesday Wanderment with you today! Let’s dive in!

My Most Memorable Thanksgiving

This is probably a funny sort of memory, but I remember one year in high school I was MAJORLY sick with a wicked sinus infection. Normally on Thanksgiving, I was hugely integral to all the cooking frenzies in the kitchen, but that year, I laid in a big comfy chair and watched Food Network for HOURS on end. I still participated in family stuff, but before it and after it, I was in that comfy chair watching Giada and Paula make delicious treats. I have no idea why that Thanksgiving sticks in my mind so much, but it does, :-).

Favorite Thanksgiving Articles

>> 70 Spectacular Thanksgiving SidesSouthern Living. CAN’T go wrong with them.

>> Thanksgiving History — Plimoth Plantation 

>> 10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving — WebMD

>> Thanksgiving Day Parade HistoryNYC Tourist

Favorite Thanksgiving Movie

>> “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

>> Dressing. No question. I could eat that stuff for DAYS.

>> Snowy Potatoes. Think potatoes, sour cream, cream cheese, garlic, butter, and chives. H-E-A-V-E-N.

Random Thanksgiving Cuteness

>> When Thanksgiving Centerpieces Go Wrong

Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

>> I love getting together every year with both my husband’s and my families and talking, laughing, and feasting!

>> I love that on Thanksgiving night or the day after, it’s time to watch “White Christmas” and put up the Christmas decorations!

>> I LOVE watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while I cook! SO FUN!

Random Facts About My Thanksgivings of Old

>> I have NEVER cooked a turkey. I am very anxious about the day that I finally have to…

>> I didn’t try pumpkin pie until I was in high school. For whatever reason, I thought it would be gross, but it is actually quite delicious.

>> Similarly, I didn’t try sweet potato casserole until I was in high school. It, too, is delicious.


Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, everyone! Have fun on your travels! Stay safe! Enjoy your family and friends tomorrow and make big memories!


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Wednesday Wanderment: Thanksgiving Edition
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