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The Big Book of Magic is super, freaking, awesome if you haven’t played it!! #cooperativeboardgames

So, I have decided once a month to talk about some of my other MAJOR nerd interests. I’m a ginormous anime fan, gamer, martial arts buff, cooperative-board-game-player, research-junkie, KDrama fanatic, etc. Each week, I’ll catch you guys up on my top 5 nerd alert moments for the week. I am a crazy busy gal, so I don’t always have time to enjoy ALL of these things in one week’s time. I tend to cycle through my hobbies and interests (except for martial arts, which requires constant vigilance. I am a black belt in both Hapkido and Taekwondo, so I make sure to make it to at least 2 classes per week, usually more). Without further ado, this week’s top 5, ladies and gents!


1. ANIME: My obsession with Gintama grows with every watching session // Seriously you guys, if you haven’t been watching Gintama, how can you call yourself a true anime fan??? Gintama is a hilarious parody of anime-viewers, anime-tropes, and general archetype commentary. It is also a simply amazing, entertaining, and light-hearted show that can surprise you at random moments with heartstring-pulling moments. I am obsessed with it right now. It’s a great show to just sit back, chill, and relax into a groove of comedy and endearment.

2. GAMING: My husband and I are both big MMO players. My current MMO-obsession is The Secret World // Do you love weird, arcane, and urban fantasy environments? Do you have a quirky interest in random lore of various quacky-things that real-honest-to-goodness people believe in the world? Do you like podcasts like Welcome to Nightvale? Then you’ll be a HUGE fan of The Secret World. It takes place in real environments all over the world, but focuses on the unseen underbelly of the secret organizations that pull the strings of the entire world! It’s amazing fun and my hubby and I have the good fortune of being lifetimers.

3. KDRAMA: I just finished Gu Family Book recently and then Personal Taste, so I’ve been on the hunt for something new! // Any suggestions? I’ve started a cooking-related drama (that I can’t for the life of me remember right now!) but I’m also open to hearing people’s favorites!

4. RESEARCH: So, I got it into my head this week that I wanted to upgrade my old-AF netbook that I used to use for writing and work back in the DAY (like 2011-2014). // It served me well, but once I got a hold of my gaming laptop, it sort of sat collecting dust. I’ve really started to like writing in different places around my town and I don’t love lugging around my giant, heavy normal laptop and thought it would be good to see where “Nessie” stood on upgrades, operating system, etc. My husband is a freaking IT god, so I had his help, but have also been researching on my own. It took us (no-joke) a full four days to update the 200 or so Windows updates on it. Now my pet-project is getting it upgraded to Windows 10. The memory on this thing is abysmal, so I started uninstalling a bunch of bloat-programs and unneeded games and stuff. My goal is to make this sucker something like a light-weight Chrome Book type feel (since I write almost exclusively on Google Docs now). It has been a challenge getting my sweet little netbook to even download 10, so my next try will be to download the OS onto an external drive and install it that way. Wish me luck! We’re like 5 days into this project and I’m more determined than ever.

5. READING: Currently reading several books at a time, as I tend to be a poly-reader. // Heartstrikers Book One: Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron has been a delightful fantasy / sci-fi read that I definitely don’t want to put down.  // The Blade’s Memory by Lindsay Buroker is one that I’ve had a bit of a harder time getting into. I’m such a giant fan of her Emperor’s Edge series, that I have been a bit resistant to her Dragon Blood series (buuuuut I’m on the 5th books, so I’m certainly not giving up). // The Assassin and the Desert by Sarah J. Maas has definitely intrigued me enough to continue reading the Throne of Glass series. Can’t wait to finish all the prequels so I can go on to the main event!

So there you have it folks! I have been pretty crazy busy with my Secret Series Project. I’m currently over half-way through Book 2 and in the middle of revisions on Book 1. On track to finish my #CampNaNoWriMo numbers by April 30th! Huzzah!

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Week’s Top 5 Nerd Alert Moments
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