Guys…this has been such an amazing week! I had my first book signing, I broke 40,000 words on my novel project, I cleaned my WHOLE house top to bottom (and am enjoying its sparkly-ness), I got to get new glasses (really needed those…), got to see tons of friends and family members after my signing, and got to really celebrate all my accomplishments so far as an author. It was a terrific week! Can’t wait to see what March holds for me. I truly hope you all had as terrific of a week as I did, but if you didn’t, perhaps next week will be AMAZING! In case you were busy and missed all the posts I slaved over in the last seven days, here are all their spiffy links! Check ’em out…you know you want to…

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>> 10 Ways I’m Challenging Myself as a Writer This Year <<

There you are, my lovelies! Have a terrific Sunday!

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