IMG_3167Look at this little beauty that’s growing in my front yard! I just LOOOOOOVE peonies! Aren’t they beautiful? Ahhh….It has been such a glorious week. I’m very glad of it, too. May got off to a rocky start with various “tough” things happening. I had to say farewell to a beloved pet and life was just generally stressful with busyness and such. I’m pleased to say that this week was AMAZING. Got a lot done, felt good while I did it all, and I’m getting to see friends today! Here’s what you might have missed in all the whirlwind activities of your own week:


>> Pomodoro for Productivity

>>  Too Many Books

>> Wednesday Wanderment

>> Making Time to Write on Crazy Busy Days

>> WIP Progress Update

>> Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Authors

As well, don’t forget to check out my alter ego’s blog Gettin’ Pretty for tons of fun adventures in natural living, health, fitness, home, and faith!

Have a terrific Sunday, folks! I’ll see y’all tomorrow. 🙂


What You Might Have Missed!
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