Ohmahgosh…this is the cake the Philosopher and I ate when we celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. Can you say, “YUM!!!!!” I love strawberry cake. Don’t quite know why, but it’s always been one of my favorite tastes. I truly hope you had a terrific week! In case you were busy, here are the posts you might have missed:

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>> Wednesday Wanderment

>> It’s Handy Having a Systems Specialist as a Husband

>> Leaves Talk: There’s Nothing Quite Like Spring

>> How Important are Reviews to You When You’re Considering a Book to Read?

Hope you have a very happy Sunday!

What You Might Have Missed
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  • CC

    Aaaaaah that picture is so temptatious I’m about to google strawberry cake recipe.

    • It was super, super good! You should definitely go get some strawberry cake!! 🙂


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