It was a wonderful week and I hope you all had a chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a special someone! While you were out smooching, here’s what you might have missed. Pay SPECIAL attention to the Narnia post. Please, please, please sign up if you’re interested in participating!

>>Project Fairy Tale: The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Rob M. Worley (Adaptation Review)

>> 10 Tips for Keeping Up the Energy to Promote Your Books

>> Wednesday Wanderment

>> Announcing the Nine Nights of Narnia Blogging Event! (Please check this out if you’d like to participate in an April 2013 blog event!)

>> Romantic Books to Read on Valentine’s Day

>> 5 Reasons Why Authors Should Have Classy Business Cards

>> My Favorite Valentine’s Reading Posts

Have a terrific Sunday evening!



What You Might Have Missed
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