In case you’ve been exploring other haunts this past week, I’ve put together a list of the past few popular posts for you to browse through! They involve a variety of topics–ranging from Tolkien Week to Writer’s Block. You may even see some indie author stuff in there! As well, my book Night Bells is mentioned, of course. 😉

Enjoy! Have a fabulous Wednesday! The Philosopher and I are going to have a fun date night! We may enjoy a walk in this terrific fall weather and watch Gremlins 2. Because we’re awesome.

What You Might Have Missed in the Last Week: 

>>Wednesday Wanderment

>>10 Ways to Celebrate Tolkien Week

>>Book Review: The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker

>>My Favorite Young Adult Books

>>Five Fall Fantasy Book Reads

>>Indie Author Resource Roundup! 

>>Reasons I’m Convinced I’m a Hobbit

>>Pushing Through a Writer’s Block

>>Night Bells is Now Available in Print!

Thanks for stopping by!

What You Might Have Missed Recently!
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