This has been a WONDERFUL week. Honestly, despite the various challenges I’ve faced with work projects, physical therapy, and time-commitments, it has been a glorious, celebratory, amazing week! I have been happier this week than I’ve been in a long, long time. Book sales are doing really well (a big thank you to all my readers!), I’m enjoying Christmastime with my husband, and we’ve got a bazillion blessings to be grateful for. If you’ve been as busy as I’ve been this week, you’ve no doubt missed some blog posts. Well, here they are for your enjoyment!

>> My Winter Must-Reads

>> Wellness for Writers: Getting Started

>> Wednesday Wanderment

>> Retraining the Mind: What Writers Can Learn From Physical Movement

>> Leaves Talk: Catchin’ Rays

>> The Sherwins are off to see THE HOBBIT

I hope you have a terrific Sunday! Go out there and enjoy the chilly weather!

What You Might Have Missed This Week
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