This is my mischeivous face! Beware! It means some foul plot is afoot! Just kidding. It’s really just my normal Sunday “What You Might Have Missed This Week” post. Wow…that is a mouthful. I should come up with something more condensed and charming! Oh well. This weekend has been a whirlwind of FUN! I’ll tell you more about it later, but suffice it to say…it involved lots of fun, frivolity, and awesomeness (awww…the “a” broke my alliteration!) I’m in a goofy mood today. My apologies. If you’re feeling particularly goofy, might I suggest you go and read a Terry Pratchett book! He is perfect for the goofy-mood-afflicted-human.

What You Might Have Missed This Week

>> Creative Cross Training: Halloween Style! — Fun post about the projects I wanted to do for Halloween last week!

>> Travelin’ Tales — A post about my recent travels to Savannah, GA. It mentions some famous writing from that area.

>> Halloween Pumpkin and Paper Crafts — A post detailing my crafts and some DIY instructions! Great to get prepared for next year’s festivities!

>> Night Bells Halloween Flash Sale! — The flash sale is now over, but if you haven’t read Night Bells, it is still available for the low price of $2.99 on ebook! Get it here and here.

>> Happy Halloween, Writers and Readers! — Just a cute jack-o-lantern picture for Halloween!

>> Wednesday Wanderment: Halloween Edition — A great themed Wednesday Wanderment! I’ll be doing themed Wednesday Wanderments on all major holidays.

>> The Wolf at the End of the Hall — A short story I wrote answering the question “What frightened you as a child?”

>> November is a Whirlwind — It sure is.

>> Leaves Talk: The Fire Pit — A more morbid addition to the Leaves Talk anthology.

>> My 6 Essential Reading Accessories! — Want to know what I love to have on hand while reading a great book? Check out this post!

WOW! It was a busy, busy week on the blog! Can’t wait for next week! Happy Sunday. 🙂

What You Might Have Missed This Week
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