Happy Sunday, all! I wanted to send out a weekly wrap up post with the past week’s blog entries. Thought you might like to see what you might’ve missed this week. 🙂

>> Hobbit Feasting — My follow up to Tolkien Week!

>>Practicing Self-Care as a Writer — These tips might help the harried writer who is needing a boost!

>>Marketing for Indie Authors — A majorly important post for any authors out there looking for marketing ideas for their indie titles.

>>Wednesday Wanderment — My weekly featured post with links to fun sites and articles!

>> Night Bells is now $2.99 on Kindle and Nook! — If you’re looking for a fun fantasy//science-fiction book, give Night Bells a shot!

>> Other Loves: Gaming — I’m a huge video game//PC game nerd! Check out my craziness!

>> Leaves Talk: Fall is Monstrous — ‘Nough said.

>> Book(s) Review: The Flash Gold Chronicles — A fabulous series that you should all go check out right now! I mean it!

I hope you all have a terrific Sunday! I’ll be back tomorrow with some sort of fun and excitement…now to go figure out what it will be…LOL.


What You Might Have Missed This Week!
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