I didn’t say “this week”, because some of these posts go a wee bit further back than that. I wanted to share some of my exciting posts from the last TWO weeks! Just in case you missed them…

>> The Sequel to Night Bells is now available!

>> Silent Shades pronunciation guide

>> Favorite holiday magazines

>> Soundtrack for Silent Shades

>> What are my November sponsors reading for the holidays?

>> Night Bells is now $0.99 for the Kindle and Nook!

>> Wednesday Wanderment

>> Enter the Night Bells giveaway on Goodreads

>> Book review: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

>> Book review: Ice Cracker II by Lindsay Buroker

>> Leaves talk: It’s almost wintertime

>> Let the Christmas tale blog event begin!

I hope you’ll check out these links! There are some really exciting posts in there. For now, have a very happy first day of Advent and be merry!

What You Might Have Missed
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