Really think about this. If you’re a published author (indie or otherwise), why do you publish your books? Why not just write them for the joy of it and move on? Why go the extra mile and rewrite, edit, send it to beta readers, procure cover art, and hit the big button?

Over the last year, I haven’t published a thing. I really needed to reconnect with my writing and answer the big questions: Why do I write? and Why do I publish? It wasn’t easy. As you can see, the last time I published something was in March 2013. I suffered a pretty nasty recurring writer’s block that lasted for months at a time and kept me from believing in myself. So, during all that down time, I tried to really reflect on those two questions.

Here’s Why I Write:

After intense introspection, I remembered the real reason why I write: I love it.

That’s it.

Writing is a passion for me. I adore building worlds and creating lovable characters. I love spending hours creating language sets for imaginary cultures. I could spend days immersed in a story.

For me, writing is a beloved treasure.

When I thought about publishing, the reasons were more mixed.

Here’s Why I Publish:

Publishing was a a bit harder for me. At first, I think I honestly wanted to publish in order to gain recognition, make a living, and feel validated in my work. After sales were slow and my marketing efforts didn’t yield the results I wanted, I grew discouraged. I had to really adjust my attitude about why I published.

So, I found that the real reason I want to publish is to share my stories with others. I love it when my Wattpad readers connect with me and tell me their favorite parts. I love connecting with other writers who enjoy their craft as much as I do.

In other words, my desire to publish is to become a part of a larger artistic community dedicated to writing and reading great stories.

So, why do you write and publish? I’d love to hear your own thoughts!

Did you have to go through a “dark night of the writer’s soul” to arrive at your own reasons? Share your journey with us in the comments!

As always, happy writing!


Why Do You Write? Why Do You Publish?
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