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Happy WIP Wednesday, everyone! WIP Wednesdays are a chance to update you folks on my current manuscript projects, publishing, goals, and anything I might have in the hopper. I am very excited to share with you some of my works-in-progress today!

Night Bells (Tales from Niflheim #1) and Silent Shades (Tales from Niflheim #2) are getting second editions!

Since I updated the covers for books 1 and 2 to match the cover for book 3 that is coming out soon, I really wanted to do an interior re-edit as well. The first two books in the Tales from Niflheim series came out over three years ago and since I’m trying to refresh the series to match the upcoming release of book 3, I felt it made sense to make sure their styles and editing was up to snuff. My editor currently has Night Bells and is going through it with a fine toothed comb to see where we can make changes and make it a good solid second edition. As soon as she sends her edits back and I get to work on them, I’ll send her Silent Shades!

While she has Night Bells, I’m working on my personal edits to book 3! I’ll be releasing a cover reveal, blurb reveal, and more information on book 3 as soon as we begin updating books 1 and 2!

Night Bells and Silent Shades are getting new print editions!

I am SO excited about the new print editions I will be doing for the first two Tales from Niflheim. They will be matte, match the ebook covers, and have updated interiors as well. CANNOT wait!

All information about these second editions will come to you as soon as I have it. When I start releasing the new editions, stay tuned on my social media for some giveaways! 😀 A great way to stay up to date about my book releases and fun stuff like giveaways is by subscribing to my newsletter. You can do that here or on the top right of my sidebar.

What are you working on reading or writing at the moment? I’d love to hear!

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WIP Wednesday: New Editions for Tales from Niflheim 1 & 2!
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