Happy Wednesday, everyone! Last week, I wasn’t able to get a #WIPWednesday up for you guys, so I wanted to be doubly sure that I was able to update you guys this week. Those that follow me on Instagram will know already that I finished the rough draft for Ancestors & Immortals Book 1. This is the story that was being serialized on Wattpad, but is on hiatus until I get it fully polished and completed. It’s title is Beneath the Mountain and I am excited to share more information about this series with you in the coming months.

In other news, all three Tales from Niflheim novels are currently with my editor! I cannot wait to update Night Bells and Silent Shades with their second editions and also release second edition print books. Once those things are done, we’ll talk about Book 3! I cannot WAIT to release preorder information and do a proper cover reveal (though if you want a sneak peak, you can check out my Facebook banner! :))

2016-01-23 16.10.48This weekend, I started the polishing on the rough draft of Beneath the Mountain, but I also got in a lot of great reading time. Pictured to the right, you can see me chillin’ in my snuggie reading Lindsay Buroker’s Dragon Blood Book 4: Patterns in the Dark. I am definitely hooked on this series now. Dragons, am I right? It’s a really great series and if you didn’t catch my previous post, you can check out my review of Blood Charged (DB, Book 3).

On the side, I’ve also been reading Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End to get a bit of classic sci-fi in my to-be-read list for 2016. So far, I’m SUPER enjoying how twisty and intriguing it is. I’ll definitely be reading more Clarke in the future. And not-book-related, but I also spent my life catching up on season one of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. AHHHHHH! So much fun. Love that show and all its silliness.

This week, I’ll be hard at work on polishing up the draft of Ancestors & Immortals Book 1 so I can get that off to my beta readers on February 1st. I’m hoping to hear back from my editor on all three Tales form Niflheim soon so I can get to work on revisions and final polishing.

How has your week been? Been reading anything interesting? I’m always looking for great new books to add to my 2016 Reading List!

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WIP Wednesday: New Series, Great Reads of 2016, and More!
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