I was inspired by this lovely lady’s post about her plans for November, so I thought I’d make my own about this AMAZING month! Life seems to have flown by since I published Night Bells at the end of August. I just blinked and here we are in November! It’s really hard to believe. Some people scoff at scheduling and making plans, but honestly…the Philosopher and I feel most at ease when we make plans and schedule intentional time with our friends and families. That way, we are able to make sure we are being generous with our time, while still spending enough of it together. A great way to fit in everything you want to do each month is to PLAN and SCHEDULE! 🙂 So, without further gilding the lily, here are my plans for November!

Things I’d Like to Accomplish This Month

* Read Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett.

* Read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien in preparation for the first movie in December!!!

* Read Ice Cracker II and Dark Currents by Lindsay Buroker

* Organize a plan for Christmas presents for my family and loved ones

* Finish a homemade Christmas present I started a few weeks ago

* Have Savannah and her hubby up to spend time with us!

* Have a girls’ night with some ladies in my family

* Make this girly a mixed CD like I’ve been meaning to for ages…

* Make a living room plan for my Christmas decor (moved the furniture around since last Christmas…)

* Make two new Christmas decorations

* Publish my second novel!

* Do release week posts for my second novel!

* Find time to go on a special date with the Philosopher.

* Have an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends!

* At the end of the month, get my home all spruced up for Christmas!

* Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade (I LOVE it…)

There we have it! I think that’s plenty to get me started…I may add more later, but this might be just enough to keep me busy. I am very excited about publishing my second book this month. I have a deadline in mind, but I’d rather keep it to myself just in case a giant meteor delays me or something. 😉 Be excited! It’s coming soon! What are your plans for November? Anything super exciting? I’d love to hear about them!

Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams for November
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