Vacation is supposed to be a break from life. Well, for most writers out there, we find ourselves drawn to our craft even on our self-declared “vacations.” How do I deal with that overwhelming urge to write even when I know my mind and creativity need a rest? I journal. Anytime we are going out-of-town for a vacation, I pack my journal and I try to write down the events of each day while we are away. It keeps my writing brain active while giving it something tame and easy to write about. Journaling is an excellent writing exercise on vacation because, not only will it be special to read over your trip in the future, it helps to keep your skills flexed and working while still resting.

I would challenge all you writers out there to keep a journal anyway, but especially during vacation.

I’m at the beach right now! Have a great week! I’m going to go sit under an umbrella while everyone else is soaking up the sun. (I get really bad sun poisoning no matter how much sunscreen, clothing, etc. that I have on. In addition to my million other allergies, I am allergic to the UV.)




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Writing While on Vacation…

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